The written word is very powerful. Through societal changes, letters have faded to telephone calls and now impersonal, cold electronic mail. However, a hand written note from a friend or family member always seems to cheer you up, especially when you least expect it.

So, I started making cards for my family  & friends, to say thank you or to celebrate a holiday. I made each one by hand to show I cared. People seemed to like them. A few framed them for their wall even. Soon, people started asking if I was selling my cards and where they could buy them. I then decided to try selling the cards online, hoping people would enjoy them as much as I do.

Each card is printed on watercolor paper to give the image depth and texture. The edges are all hand torn, so no two cards are alike. The image size is 4 square inches. Every card is hand signed by the artist. The goal of each image is to appear like a painting. Is it a photo or a painting? Therefore, each one is handmade for you to enjoy.The inside is blank, for you to fill with your thoughts and wishes for others.

The name White Puffs Ink. comes from my muse. White Puffs is my dogs’ nickname. She accompanies me on most of my shoots and never fails to get in at least one frame.

Sabrina N. Rouse Signature

One of Sabrina’s goals is to preserve the beauty this world creates for future eyes to see.