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  • Shaka Brah

    Shaka Brah

    Aticipate the Shot An important aspect in obtaining a good wildlife photo is the photographer’s knowledge of the subject. Using one’s library of logging on and heading to Wikipedia are good places to start in the necessary effort to study up on one’s subject of choice. For example, understanding the basic behaviors exhibited by the […]

  • Watercolor Style

    Watercolor Style

    The artful eyes and skilled hands of Sabrina N. Rouse are anxious to introduce you to a new, exciting line of greeting cards. All cards are original photography on beautiful watercolor paper stock, perfect for sending or giving as a gift. The cards themselves are exclusive, handcrafted works of art! Who the heck is Sabrina?? […]

  • Polaroid Transfer Techniques Revealed

    Polaroid Transfer Techniques Revealed

    Are you a Polaroid photographer? Well practicing your art has just become more difficult. Polaroid has announced it is out of the film making business. According to a New York Times article last year, Polaroid “…which stopped making instant cameras for consumers two years ago and for commercial use a year before that, said today […]