Enlarge Image :: Watercolor Style

The artful eyes and skilled hands of Sabrina N. Rouse are anxious to introduce you to a new, exciting line of greeting cards. All cards are original photography on beautiful watercolor paper stock, perfect for sending or giving as a gift. The cards themselves are exclusive, handcrafted works of art!

Who the heck is Sabrina?? 25 years have shown that this apple didn’t fall far from the creative tree! Growing up in an artistic family, Sabrina’s passion for color, design and uniqueness is always challenged. With artistry is in her veins, let Sabrina share it with you and yours.

Sabrina has decided to throw her hat into the artistic greeting card ring and unveil her hidden treasures …her handmade greeting cards. Sabrina’s’ product line consists of unique greeting cards, note cards, and gift cards. Photography and watercolor grace the front of every card, accented with other dimensional accessories to make each card unique. You won’t find cards like this anywhere else!